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Assistance for our customers during the CoronaVirus pandemic

Friday, April 17th, 2020
Hello Valued Customer,

We know you’re getting a lot of these emails, and we hesitate to add to the pile. But we also know that in this time of turmoil and shutting down that every little bit helps, and we hope we can make a small improvement in your situation.

As you probably know we are FLEXquarters and we publish the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks and the QXL One Click Data Export for QuickBooks. Our users mean the world to us and we certainly wish your family and your business the best given the huge amount of uncertainty.

We were thinking about how we could help, and it seemed like a good idea that if such a large number of businesses are shut down now that we should think about how we can help them to hurt less during this difficult time. So, we decided to make the following offers on our products.

Subscription Customers

Customers who are on our monthly subscription versions of QODBC Online and QXL Online will have their subscription billings suspended for 2 months with a possible extension past that date. We certainly hope that this problem will be resolved within two months, but if not, we will re-evaluate our billings at that time. See the below link to activate this benefit.

Desktop Customers

For current users of our Windows desktop products QODBC for QuickBooks Desktop and QXL for QuickBooks Desktop we decided to offer some help to those who are working at home and may need an extra license to use our products while they’re not in the office. So, we’re offering a special web page where you can enter your license details and have your license increase by one unit for free for use on a home computer during the crisis. This will be a full license and will not be limited in time (QODBC Server Edition not eligible). Visit our web site and fill out the form to receive this benefit. 

We hope these small steps will help our customers to get through this tough time and come out the other side better and stronger than we were before.

Please see our websites for details on these offers:

Thank you very much again for being a customer of FLEXquarters and we welcome your feedback on our strategy. 

Thanks again 

FLEXquarters Team