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QODBC 2012 Version released!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

QODBC 2012 Version Now available for download.

Current build download:

QODBC Fixed following bugs
B00114 – UPDATE query cannot work on PriceLevelPerItem table
B00116 – QODBC report “Error parsing complete XML return string” when
we trying to update or insert field InvoiceLineAmount
B00122 – InventorySiteRefListID & InventorySiteRefFullName on table
InventorySiteRefListID does not allows Null value when using Linked
B00119 – Serial Number/Lot Number fields does not allows Null value
when using Linked Server
B00106 – New form /window for “QODBC not licensed for this QuickBooks
edition” instead of showing Evaluation version expired”
QRemote 1.0.6
1.      B00125 – QRemote doesn’t identify the extended license key as
server license key
2.      B00120 – QRemoteServer 1.0.5 Logs too many events even if Detail
trace is off – Linked server


Following Bugs are fixed in Release
B00113 – QODBC POS does not have Time TimeEntry table while there are
TimeEntry related settings, need add TimeEntry table into QODBC POS
B00127- QODBC POS does not display the custom fields in customer
B00110 – QODBC POS select * from company crashes the application