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QODBC for QuickBooks Online Sunsetting

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Intuit is removing support for the QuickBooks SDK from QuickBooks Online edition.

This impacts current QODBC customers who use our product with QuickBooks Online, because when the customer upgrades to the new “QuickBooks Harmony” edition, the SDK which powers external tools such as QODBC will no longer function, and there is no reverting back to the older version if you switch.

If you use QuickBooks Online with QODBC, you may want to delay this transition until you are prepared.

There is no comparable system to the QuickBooks SDK in the “Harmony” edition of QuickBooks Online, so it is unlikely QODBC will be able to talk to the new QuickBooks Online version ever.

If you have any issues with QuickBooks Online related to your use of QODBC and need some advice, please call your local dealer.

For more details, see this article: