QODBC Online for QuickBooks In Development

QODBC Online for QuickBooks In Development
We had previously reported that Intuit is removing support for the QuickBooks SDK from QuickBooks Online edition.
This means that the standard edition of QODBC will stop functioning with QuickBooks Online, because when the customer upgrades to the new “QuickBooks Harmony” edition, the SDK which powers external tools such as QODBC will no longer function, and there is no reverting back to the older version if you switch.
However, we have recently found a way to create a communication between an ODBC Driver and the new QuickBooks Online Harmony version by using an SDK to IPP conversion program paired with a secure web application for handling of the data transfer.
This development is expected to take about a month, and at the end of that time we will introduce a new product called QODBC Online for QuickBooks.
This product will be offered at a monthly rate for every customer account, to match up with the monthly billing used by QuickBooks Online.
It will work only with QuickBooks Online and will not function with any desktop versions of QuickBooks.
Every program that you have written for QODBC will function the same with the QODBC Online version as it did talking to QuickBooks Online in the previous edition, so no reprogramming is required, except maybe the connection string.
Keep in mind that the number of tables available in the QuickBooks Online edition remains a smaller number than QuickBooks Desktop offers, there have been no changes in that area even though the technology is changing.
If you or any of your users are using QuickBooks Online with QODBC, you will want to delay the conversion to the “Harmony” edition of QuickBooks Online until you are ready and tested.
QODBC Online for QuickBooks will be available soon as an open beta version for testing by all developers, and we hope to complete our work and release the final version around June 15 2014.
It’s important to remember that if you convert QuickBooks Online to the “Harmony” version, you will not be able to switch back to the previous version and will be without QODBC access until our new version is finished testing.
For more details, see this article:
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